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Kena is a Music Community Marketplace with Superpowers.

Learn | Practice | Collaborate

Kena's artificial-intelligence music tutor is your personal companion accelerating your music learning to help you achieve mastery in rapid succession. Kena listens to you practicing music and gives you feedback, assessments, and recommendations in real-time. 

Music educators, artists, influencers, singers, songwriters, publishers create content and curriculum on Kena within minutes and are able to reach out to a large student base without having to be at all places, all the time.

Kena Inner Circle Accelerator 

Research Area

Kena is building a 'Music Neural Graph' using AI with applications in the area of Musicology, Compositions, and Accelerated Learning. We work in the interdisciplinary research areas of how humans learn music, compose music, neuroscience of music, and computational creativity.