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Kena is where
music communities
grow together

Kena is a destination for music learners, hobbyists, educators, composers, and publishers of music across all genres, cultures, and instruments. 


Kena Opus

Discover Your Musicality

Our first consumer-facing platform, Kena Opus is the music learning and practice platform powered by a community of music practitioners. Musicians come here to learn from each other, collaborate, engage, and have fun while learning the art.

Kena Opus has thousands of curated lessons, tens of thousands of arpeggiated patterns, scales, chords, and exercises across all instruments, along with artificial-intelligence assisted assessments and feedback.


Research Area ~ Kena is building a 'Music Neural Graph' using AI with applications in the area of Musicology, Compositions, and Accelerated Learning. We work in the interdisciplinary research areas of how humans learn music, compose music, neuroscience of music, and computational creativity.