Challenge the Establishment

Kena's music creator marketplace redistributes wealth back to creators.

Artists deserve to earn more than fractions of a penny on a dollar. The current establishment rips music content creators of their freedom to be creative and limits their potential to retain maximum portions of earnings.

Kena is built from the ground up to enable a creator economy with superpowers and allows the artists to be in maximum control of their creativity and value.

Kena is free for music content creators with no initiation fee. Create structured content such as music courses, sheet music, practice routines, podcasts, community circles, audio, and video streams within minutes and monetize.

Kena's 'music neural engine' is state-of-the-art. It's highly advanced Artificial Intelligence simplifies acoustical tasks for creators and accelerates learning for the practitioners.

Watch the video below for a showcase of Kena's Artificial Intelligence Assessment:

Kena's Artificial Intelligence automatically transcribes music, simplifies sheet music to different proficiency levels, and teaches on behalf of the educator. This reduces educator load and adds significant passive income.

For learners and practitioners, Kena's Artificial Intelligence in the app listens to your practice and provides human-like feedback at any proficiency level of your practice. Our users will better their art whether they are beginning students or advanced practitioners who play Front-Chair at orchestras and symphonies.