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  • Kena Reveals What Makes Its AI-Powered Music Creator Economy Different


    With the recent push of Kena's crypto utility token on the Avalanche blockchain, Kena is maturing into a decentralized economy powered by AI. Kena helps artists retain all their earnings and additionally redistributes10% of the collective earnings of the network to all artists.

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  • Kena develops Artificial Intelligence that can learn from any music within seconds and teach millions globally.


    With the recent release, Kena claims a 96% accuracy in giving nuanced, human-like feedback to music practitioners just by listening to them practice!

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  • Kena.AI Launches Expert Curated Music Video Lessons for Free.

    2020-09-04 is excited to launch its curated video music lessons for free. Musicians can now access curated video music lessons by experts to learn foundations, theory, and advanced techniques across 8 different musical instruments.

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  • Kena.AI launches Artificial-Intelligence based piano music transcription.

    2020-03-11 is excited to launch its Artificial-Intelligence based piano music transcriber which listens into any freestyle, impro melody and automatically transcribes to sheet music.

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  • Kena Opus app is now available for free download in Apple and Android app stores.

    2020-01-30 is excited to launch the Kena Opus mobile app in the Apple app store and Google play store. Kena Opus enables real-time artificial intelligence feedback across vocals and 12 instruments.

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  • announces the launch of Kena Opus, its short-form musical expressions platform.

    2019-12-23 is excited to announce the launch of its first product: Kena Opus. A short-form musical expression platform that will enable music practitioners to capture and share their daily practice

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  • Could your next favorite artist be a Robot?


    Another recent example of AI enhancing humans’ experience with music is AI music tutors. These could be extremely beneficial: a cheaper, more reliable and as helpful solution to learning music

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  • Startup Kena is creating an AI ‘personal music teacher’


    Music Ally has written a fair bit about artificial intelligence (AI) technology being used to generate music. What about teaching humans to play music? That’s the goal of a new San Francisco startup called

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