Kena develops Artificial Intelligence that can learn from any music within seconds and teach millions globally.

Last updated September 22, 2022

Kena's Music Neural Engine can simplify complex music to many proficiency levels to personalize the teaching for individual needs.

With the recent release, Kena claims a 96% accuracy in giving nuanced, human-like feedback to music practitioners just by listening to them practice! is a San Francisco based startup focused on creating Artificial Intelligence that helps music creators monetize on their content by allowing the AI to teach on their behalf, adding passive income back to them. Kena just reached 300,000 users on their platform. Better yet, the platform is free for anyone to use.

Kena's innovation lies in its ability to learn within seconds from any new composition uploaded to its platform, being ready to teach across 40 instruments and 6 genres. Kena's Music Neural Engine is a Deep Neural Network that understands the compositional architecture of music like an expert musician.

Music creators and artists focus the majority of their time on creative pursuits keeping themselves occupied for hours and days to create their compositions. It is very hard for artists to also organize their time to teach others how to compose music or play an instrument in the style or genre that they play. Not all creators are good instructors as well.

Globally approximately 500 million people (or less than 10% of the global population) attempt to learn some form of music but 80% drop out due to not having access to good instructors, money, or time. 500 million is a triangulated data based on a country-wide survey of the estimated number of learners taking lessons for the top 8 instruments, instrument sales, and a number of streaming data on popular platforms like youtube where music lessons are being viewed.

Even if you have instructors, a large portion of learning music is practicing at home. When students practice at home, they do not have instructors around to correct and give feedback on their practice.

Kena is addressing this gap between creators who generate teachable content but do not have the capacity to teach and students who want to learn what they want to learn and when they want to learn at their own convenience.

"We are building the most comprehensive Artificial Intelligence that simplifies acoustical tasks for musicians and teaches millions globally without them being present. This allows artists to focus on their art while Kena automates the pedagogical aspects of teaching," said Freedom Preetham, the founder of Kena.

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