$KENA Spot Trading Competition to win 1,000,000 $KENA

Kena Crypto Team
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Last updated June 18, 2024

Dear Kena Users,

We are excited to announce a 30 day spot trading competition to give you an opportunity to win 1,000,000 $KENA tokens.

Competition Period: 2024.06.19 9:00 AM - 2024.07.19 9 AM - UTC

1. Contest Overview

  • Name: $KENA June 2024 Spot Trading Competition
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Objective: Achieve the highest portfolio value by the end of the contest period.
  • Participants: Open to all registered users of the platform.
  • Minimum Portolio Value To Qualify: $50 USDT

2. Contest Rules

  • Eligible Assets: USDT/KENA
  • Trading Platform: Trader Joe.
  • Fair Play: Any signs of market manipulation or unfair practices will result in disqualification.
  • You Must Follow us on Twitter.
  • You Must Like and Share this Twitter Post.
  • You Must Join Kena Discord.
  • You Must Join Kena Telegram.

3. Prize Distribution Among Top 5 Winners

  1. 1st Place: 400,000 tokens (40%)
  2. 2nd Place: 250,000 tokens (25%)
  3. 3rd Place: 150,000 tokens (15%)
  4. 4th Place: 125,000 tokens (12.5%)
  5. 5th Place: 75,000 tokens (7.5%)

4. Terms and Conditions

  1. To win, you need to submit the proof of $KENA portfolio at the end of the contest date by submiting the wallet address to a contest form that shall be shared on July 18th 2024.
  2. The awarded $KENA tokens will be locked for a 1-year cliff period. After this period, the tokens will vest over the next 12 months, with 1/12th of the total amount being released each month. Hence the awards cannot be traded on the exchange immediately.
  3. The cliff and vesting is added to maintain the integrity of the exchange.
  4. Only trades accumulated during the contest period will be calculated and considered for the contest. Any past purchases will not be accounted as a purchase done for the competition period.
  5. You should have purchased minimum of $50 USDT worth of $KENA tokens during the competition period to qualify.
  6. Transfer of tokens or tokens recived from other accounts (and not purchased directly from the exchange) does not qualify.
  7. Kena reserves the right for interpreting the final result. Once the result is announced, it is final and not eligible for arbitaration.
  8. Kena reserves the right disqualify participants from competition if it finds discrepancy or fraud during competition.
  9. Winners will be announced by July 30th 2024.