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Discover KENA Token

Kena is a decentralized music creator economy with superpowers.

What is Kena Token?

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An ERC-20 crypto token that powers the Kena creator marketplace for the music meta-community to help amplify the economic value using blockchain and decentralization.

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Kena's blockchain protocols securely enable the digitization of value, accountability, accruals, and governance, without a central authority, making the whole system extremely efficient

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Kena’s community reaps the benefits of supply/demand economics of the marketplace. The value is encoded and stabilized within the token economics and protected from volatility of other currencies.

Kena Crypto Whitepaper

Kena Crypto Tokenomics

1 Trillion TokensPre-minted and Capped
Wallet capped at 4% of supply.
Sell/Buy capped at 0.5% of supply per transaction.
  • Community Redistribution:
    5% On-Ramp, 7% Off-Ramp fee.
    Team & Treasury does not attract redistributions.
  • Burn on sale:
    3% burn on sale only.
  • Transfer fee:
    1% wallet-to-wallet transfer fee.
  • Anti-Whale tax:
    of an additional 5% on sale.
  • 24 hours escrow:
    for allowance to ensure accidental approvals (Anti Scam).
  • Cooldown period:
    Consecutive buy-sell cooldown period.

Decentralized Utility + Governance

Kena Crypto Tokens are Utility + Governance tokens that governs the meta community of music.


Phase-2: Utility Tokens as part of Marketplace transactions.


Phase-1: Grants and Bounties.


Creators are rewared for creating content on Kena.


Consumers are rewarded to engage and promote good content.


Phase-3: On-chain Decentralized Governance.

Kena Contract Address

Token Name
Knea.AI logo

The Contract address for Kena on the Avalanche C-Chain:


How to add the Avalanche Network to MetaMask?


Summary of the Network

  • Network Name:Avalanche C-Chain
  • New RPC URL:https://api.avax.network/ext/bc/C/rpc
  • ChainID:43114
  • Symbol:AVAX
  • Explorer:https://snowtrace.io/

How to add Kena Token to MetaMask

getting started

After setting up the Avalanche Network in MetaMask, add Kena tokens to your wallet by following these steps:

  1. Login to your MetaMask account and make sure that the network shows as “Avalanche C-Chain” on the top of your app.

  2. In the bottom “Don’t see your tokens ?” click on “ Import tokens”.

  3. Add the KENA token contract address as follows:

  4. The “Token Symbol” and “Token of Precision” should automatically fill up from the contract address.

  5. Now you are ready to recieve some Airdrops as rewards based on your activities with KENA.

Kena Crypto FAQs

  • A regenerative economy for the music meta community that helps lock the economic value within the decentralized community.
  • Blockchain protocols enable digitization of value exchange, accountability, accruals and governance in a secure manner without central authority, making the whole system extremely efficient.
  • Community reaps the benefits of supply/demand economics specific to the Kena music meta-community, encoded and stabilized within the token economics and protected from cross-border volatility. (**Hence this is not a stablecoin)