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How Kena AI Works

Kena's Artificial Intelligence listens to you play and gives human-like feedback for any proficiency level.
Kena AI provides feedback across
40+Musical Instruments
6Music Genres

Journey through Kena App

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    Create courses and lessons that are powered by the world’s most powerful Artificial Intelligence to assess musical playbacks. Kena’s music neural engine can listen to people practice the exercises in your lessons and provide real-time feedback across 40 different instruments and 6 different genres.

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Interactive Sheet Music powered by AI

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Hannah Lee

“For a free app, Kena has probably the most comprehensive features in it. Helped me write music better."

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Coolrock24 and Master’O Strings

“We are working on our own band and you can find our cover and compositions on Kena. We must say Kena has been the best thing that has happened to us which helped us improve our Guitar techniques in a accelerated way."

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Connie Du

“I like the arpeggios and chords in Kena. Especially how the guitar tabs can automatically adjust to any string and any finger span!"

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Alex Kyereboah

“I love the practice routines in Kena. My music skills has significantly improved with it."

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Prateek Gunnam

“I am surprised with the accuracy of Kena's artificial intelligence feedback. It catches my smallest mistakes and guides me to get better."


Kena Product Usage Guides

Kena's Artificial Intelligence automatically transcribes music, simplifies sheet music to different proficiency levels, and teaches on behalf of the educator. This reduces educator load and adds significant passive income.

How to create Circles and Courses

For learners and practitioners, Kena's Artificial Intelligence in the app listens to your practice and provides human-like feedback at any proficiency level of your practice. Our users will better their art whether they are beginning students or advanced practitioners who play Front-Chair at orchestras and symphonies.

Kena's Sheet Music & Artificial Intelligence Assessments