Kena.AI Launches Expert Curated Music Video Lessons for Free.

Last updated September 23, 2022 is excited to launch its curated video music lessons for free. Musicians can now access curated video music lessons by experts to learn foundations, theory, and advanced techniques across 8 different musical instruments. While Kena launched with 250+ free curated lessons, the idea is to scale this to tens of thousands of curated videos for varied skills and learning needs.


"Access to great music learning content on the internet is a challenging and frustrating endeavor. What Kena Opus is solving is not just the discovery problem of content but also enables valuable utilities specific to self-taught music learners around that content. Musicians at different levels (beginner to advanced) require different utilities and treatment of content. What Kena enables is annotation around the content such as scales, keys, chords, and narration. This makes music content easily discoverable on the Kena Opus platform and also helps enable personalized recommendations, goal setting, and highly productive practice sessions. The result is a fast-track learning path for musicians." says Founder and CEO, Freedom Preetham.

Download: Apple and Android

Kena is creating a music neural engine based on deep neural networks and musical acoustics to enable a “music expression graph” based on the tonality, compositional architecture, and the feel of the music. The idea is to use this expression graph to teach music and to compose AI-generated music closer to human composers.

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