In the News launches expert-curated video music lessons.

News Room: April 29th, 2020

[excerpt] "Access to great music learning content on the internet is a challenging and frustrating endeavor. What Kena Opus is solving is not just the discovery problem of content but also enables valuable utilities specific to self-taught music learners around that content. Musicians at different levels (beginner to advanced) require different utilities and treatment of content. What Kena enables is annotation around the content such as scales, keys, chords, and narration. This makes music content easily discoverable on the Kena Opus platform and also helps enable personalized recommendations, goal setting, and highly productive practice sessions. The result is a fast-track learning path for musicians." says founder and CEO, Preetham Vishwanatha.  [more...] launches best-in-class AI-based piano transcriptions.

News Room: March 11th, 2020

[excerpt] is excited to launch its Artificial-Intelligence based piano music transcriber which listens into any freestyle, impro melody and automatically transcribes to sheet music. Unlike competitors who transcribe the piano music into a single voice, Kena performs 2-voice transcription which is more accurate. Kena also solves for left and right-hand annotations for clef changes and playability.  [more...]

Kena Opus app is now available for free download in Apple and Android app stores.

News Room: January 30th, 2020

[excerpt] is excited to launch the Kena Opus mobile app in the Apple app store and Google play store. Kena Opus enables real-time artificial intelligence feedback across vocals and 12 instruments. Musicians use it for real-time artificial intelligence feedback for practice sessions. As an audience, you snack on delightful musical expressions published by global musicians. Kena Opus is available for download for free!

Download Links: Apple and Android   [more...] announces the launch of Kena Opus, its short-form musical expressions platform.

News Room: December 23rd, 2019

[excerpt] is excited to announce the launch of its first product: Kena Opus. A short-form musical expression platform that will enable music practitioners to capture and share their daily practice, tap into the emotions and musical moods of other musicians and learn from a community of global practitioners. 

“We at Kena believe in the principals of mastering the ephemeral. This begins with a discipline to capture short-form musical expressions that capture how you feel on a daily basis. We believe in the discipline to check in and capture your emotions every day” blogs CEO and Founder Preetham Vishwanatha". [more...]

Could your next favorite artist be a Robot?

VERNE Global: August 29th, 2019

[excerpt] "Another recent example of AI enhancing humans’ experience with music is AI music tutors. These could be extremely beneficial: a cheaper, more reliable and as helpful solution to learning music, compared to a human teacher. The AI music practice Kena.AI, based in San Francisco, is launching a personal, artificial music tutor application in the future, designed to teach people how to pick up and master musical instruments. It would be a revolutionary platform that could change the way we learn to acquire skills, “bridging the gap between learning from human-tutors and being self-taught". Not only is Kena described as being able to educate tutees with clear instructions, it is designed to offer an individual coaching experience by tracking students’ progress via “listening” to their playing, creating their personalised learning paths and recommending music tailored to their taste."

Startup Kena.AI is creating a personal Music Teacher

Music;) ally: August 28th, 2019


[excerpt] "Music Ally has written a fair bit about artificial intelligence (AI) technology being used to generate music. What about teaching humans to play music? That’s the goal of a new San Francisco startup called Kena·ai.

The company is developing what it describes as “an Artificial-Intelligence personal music teacher” capable of “giving real-time feedback on practice sessions, create dynamic personalised learning paths, enable search based on compositional architecture of music” AND “generate AI-based music compositions to build upon”. That’s according to a blog post by CEO Preetham Vishwanatha published yesterday."