Kena Ambassadors Grant

Are you a creator? Get started with Kena Crypto Grants up to $50K.

Monetize your community and skills within minutes on the Kena music community marketplace. Kena is calling for Influencers to apply for the Kena Ambassadors Grant and write the playbook with us while we launch the marketplace.

What is Kena Ambassadors Grant?

Kena Ambassadors Grant is a Music Accelerator, presenting an entrepreneurial opportunity for influencers in the music community to enable an impact-focused creator economy collectively. Partners are qualified based on their body of work and knowledge in the metacommunity of music.


How to Apply?


Impact Focus

Kena is on the journey to create 10 million job opportunities in the music meta-community. We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework and create sustainable job opportunities at scale, focused on the music-meta community. When we say meta-community, we mean music educators, artists, composers, songwriters, publishers, podcasters, artist-managers, venue curators, etc... 

Join us and help us scale the vision globally.

If you get selected for the Kena Ambassadors Grant, you get.

  • Crypto Token grants up to $50K.

  • Revenue from Sales.

  • Channel Partnership VIP benefits.