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AI-based Music Tutor

What is Kena Solo ?


Playing any instrument loads your cognitive ability to listen, remember and play. Your strengths and weaknesses are unique to you. Kena listens into your practice session and dynamically changes your learning plan every single time you practice. From beginner to advanced, we got you covered.

You can simply speak to Kena by saying:

  • "Hey Kena, what should I practice today?"

  • "Hey Kena, how is my practice going"

  • "Hey Kena, teach me a musical piece with sweep picking arpeggio in e-minor"

  • "Hey Kena, find a metal song in F#5 at 150 beats"

  • "Hey Kena, play me C-G-Am-F chord progression at 80 beats"


Personalized Practice ​

Kena's music neural engine learns from hundreds of hours of practice from people across genres. Kena then recommends the most efficient approach to gain mastery through programmed-recommendations, recursion, and spaced-repetition.

The whole idea is to eliminate boredom, reduce burn-outs and have fun while learning. 

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Real-time Music Diagnostics

Kena uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time live-session feedback based on compositional form, harmony, melody, pitch, rhythm, and other architectural dynamics and techniques in learning, practicing and composing music.

Practitioner Oriented Library


Kena is building a marketplace for user-generated, community-curated, and artificial-intelligence ratified musical riffs and melodies that are uniquely geared towards learning music across different genres.

Every piece is rated for difficulty, automatically transcribed to tabs or scores and tagged with information about the compositional architecture of music.

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Built around You

There are no pre-built missions or templates that you have to stick to. Kena is built around you.

Don't feel like working on what's recommended? No problem, just freestyle/improv, and Kena will add accompaniments, diagnose your play, auto transcribe, and journal your key musical phrases automatically.

In the mood to practice popular music phrases that are created and curated by the community? Jump in. 

Kena Solo

Kena Solo is an AI-based music tutor helping you learn music by personalizing the practice sessions specifically around your strengths and weakness.

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