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Practice Music with AI

Discover Your Musicality

Kena Opus is a short-form musical expression platform. Musicians use it for real-time artificial intelligence feedback and learn from published expressions of global practitioners. As an audience, you come here to snack on delightful musical expressions straight from the practice sessions of global musicians.


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A workbench for artificial intelligence based diagnostics for your musical phrases.



Kena Library


A comprehensive library of socially curated compositions across genres & instruments.

Music Journal 

Private music journal to keep tabs on your practice sessions, and notes on progress.

& More coming soon!


Auto Transcribe


AI-based auto-transcriber for your music score and tabs. Works for most instruments .

Auto Tagging


AI-based auto annotations to identify genre, mood, tonality and other information about your music.

Mixing Console


AI-based drummer to automatically create drum verse to add percussive power to your music.

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