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Kena Opus

Discover Your Musicality

Kena Opus enables you to connect with global musicians to exchange music skills through musical phrases, techniques, riffs, melodies, practice phrases, and compositional notes to collectively improve your skills. Musicality above all else.


Kena will automatically diagnose your playing style and provide feedback on rhythm, intonation, articulation, speed, etc.  

Kena Library

A comprehensive library of socially curated compositions across all genres and instruments along with score-sheets and description.

Wish List

Do you sometimes feel that something is lacking during your music practice, compositions or publishing? Make a wish and we might actually build it for you.

Features Coming Soon

Auto Transcribe​

Kena will auto transcribe your music and also identify the keys, scales and melodic line of your music.

Mixing Console

Our AI-drummer can create an automatic drum verse that adds percussive power to your compositions. Play with different automatic unique versions with a click of a button.