Startup Kena is creating an AI ‘personal music teacher’

Last updated September 23, 2022

Music Ally has written a fair bit about artificial intelligence (AI) technology being used to generate music. What about teaching humans to play music? That’s the goal of a new San Francisco startup called Kena·ai.


The company is developing what it describes as “an Artificial-Intelligence personal music teacher” capable of “giving real-time feedback on practice sessions, create dynamic personalised learning paths, enable search based on compositional architecture of music” AND “generate AI-based music compositions to build upon”. That’s according to published yesterday.

On its website, the company suggests that the mode of interaction with its AI would be “like combining human teacher/Siri/Google/Spotify” with learners asking questions like “Hey Kena, what should I practise today?” and “Hey Kena, teach me a musical piece with sweep picking arpeggio in e-minor”. It also claims that Kena will work for any musical instrument “without having to templatise or humanly curate every musical piece”. Big claims, and it’s very early days for the startup, but we’ll be very interested to see if its technology lives up to the ambitions.