News announces the launch of Kena Opus, its short-form musical expressions platform.

Last updated September 23, 2022 is excited to announce the launch of its first product: Kena Opus. A short-form musical expression platform that will enable music practitioners to capture and share their daily practice, tap into the emotions and musical moods of other musicians and learn from a community of global practitioners. 

The platform revolves around a shared community library and utilizes artificial intelligence to provide diagnostics to help improve the quality of play and automate a number of activities for the musicians such as: journaling of practice sessions, auto-tagging the keys and scales, genre classification, auto transcribing music, auto accompaniments, and music cataloging in a published library just by uploading their music. This works for any instrument and any genre.

“We at Kena believe in the principals of mastering the ephemeral. This begins with a discipline to capture short-form musical expressions that capture how you feel on a daily basis. We believe in the discipline to check in and capture your emotions every day” blogs CEO and Founder Freedom Preetham

Kena is creating a music neural engine based on deep neural networks and musical acoustics to enable a “music expression graph” based on the tonality, compositional architecture and the feel of the music. The idea is to use this expression graph to teach music and to compose AI-generated music closer to human composers.

The company aims to become the go-to destination to learn, practice, compose and publish music. It plans to achieve that by merging the continuous innovation in the area of Artificial Intelligence for musical acoustics and the innovation in music pedagogy based on current and new research areas in musicology, psychoacoustics and music theory with the human factor of a network of user-generated, community-curated content of unique musical phrases across genres and instruments. 

“At Kena, we are starting on a very humble journey to bring the global musicians onto a single platform. A platform that allows everyone to exchange musical expressions and infect each other with ideas. Ideas that help discover their unique musicality. Ideas that can benefit the overall community. Ideas that are worth an exposure”, says Founder, Freedom Preetham.

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